If I had a Boat

Monday, February 8, 2016


Sadie Larcen is more than content to lead a normal, introverted life with her loving family until her parents mysteriously disappear, and suddenly, nothing--not even the gnomes in her Aunt's garden--is what it seems. 
Ages ago I did a little interview with some random person named Heather Fitzgerald who wanted to be introduced to the blogging world. I was happy just to have some recognition on my blog! Little did I know just who I was dealing with. Little did I know that Heather Fitzgerald would become the author of THIS beauty!

WOW. What other word could possibly describe this book? It was fun, well-written, and had a warm, familiar feel that made me want to be twelve again. The Tethered World is just one of those books. One that stands out and works its way into a special place in your heart. It's not even a remotely plausible plot, and that's what makes it so endearing. It made you say, "Ok, I'm throwing reality to the wind, and I'm going to enjoy it!"
Basically, it's a true fantasy.
 It felt like a more classic, firmly established Goosebumps that had a run-in with the Pagemaster. 

 And Brock? What a precious character. 

Heather L. L. Fitzgerald did a stellar job with this brand new book of hers.
I mean, this was her first book to publish. Ever. And it's already a classic in my heart. Such wholesome, happy books are rare these days, and I couldn't help but smile through every page!

Keep an eye on this one, folks. It's going places. 

And for heaven's sake, go order it NOW!