If I had a Boat

Monday, July 13, 2015

What Happened?

Hi, all! It really has been more than simply a "while" since I've done a real live, actual post, and I figured it was about time for me to explain a few things. Goodness knows I've missed being a part of the blogosphere!

You see, what happened was that I got a new job, and it's basically a dream come true! Aside from making up stories my whole life, I've been volunteering at a retirement community since I was eight-ish. Two years ago I got a job as a receptionist at this retirement home, and then, very suddenly, one of the activity directors had to retire. And she recommended that I take her place! God knew that this was the job for me, and suddenly...I had the position! So I started training and learning the ropes of how to actually be in activities, and oh my, what fun I'm having! (I mean, who gets paid to throw Phantom of the Opera parties and read books out loud and play balloon badminton??)

But in the midst of this fun new job, the poor little blog faded away to nothing in my memory...

Now, I'm bringing it back, because I've missed you all far too much!

On other news, Rachel Heffington, expert blogger, incredible author, and fellow Slipper Sister is actually coming to visit me in December! We're going to see Newsies, watch some incredible BBC miniseries, drink tea, go antiquing...the list goes on! I still can't believe we're actually going to meet. It's a bit surreal, actually.

Are you entering in this year's Five Magic Spindles competition? Care to share the genre or title?

And who's excited about Emma Clifton's new novella due to release this month? I had the chance to grab an influencer copy, and Emma certainly didn't disappoint! The full review will be up in a bit.

Then there's the annual Fan Fiction Contest over at Tales of Goldstone Wood, which is going to be loads of fun! And the prizes! Whew, I think the competition has been jacked up this year! Throw a personalized journal in as a prize and you've got a bunch of writerly Imps suddenly very vicious and feral...

I've also discovered a wonderful series that has become one of my very favorites. But more on that later.

Tell me, what have you been up to in my absence? Any adventures or stories you'd like to tell me about? Tell me all!

Ttfn 'till my next post! (which I swear won't be as long in coming as this one)