If I had a Boat

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Titles, Titles...

Allison asked me if I'd write a post on how I chose The Moon Master's Ball as the title for my short story. And I'm so glad she did! But I'm afraid that there isn't much to tell...

The title came before the story did, because really, besides pumpkins and evil stepsisters and fairy godmothers, what is always present in the Cinderella story?
The moon.
Even if it's only in the background, it's always there, hiding behind clouds as our heroine climbs into her pumpkin coach. So as I sat thinking late one night, it simply made sense to add the moon into the title of  my short story...and then an idea struck me. What if there was a master of the moon! His name would be the Moon Master! *Cue epic music*
(Because WHO DOESN'T love it when there's a mysterious "master" of some kind in a story?!)
And then of course a ball must be present in a Cinderella story. Hence The Moon Master's Ball was born. I didn't necessarily form the title around the story, which is what I usually do, but the story was formed around the title.
And while on the subject of titles, (I'm getting tired of typing that word) I find that there's a pattern to them...they always have the same kind of rhythm, if that makes any sense. To Find a Castle, The Moon Master's Ball, The Delicate Matter of Murder (then my Five Enchanted Roses title which mustn't be revealed yet). See what I mean?
So tell me about your titles! How do you come up with them? And is there a pattern that you've found in each one? 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Finalists!

The time has come to announce the finalists for the First Annual Blogger Awards! (actually, the time came and went a little while ago, but here they are, nonetheless)
Plenilune-- by Jennifer Freitag
Anon, Sir, Anon-- by Rachel Heffington
The Moon Master's Ball-- by...*blushes* me....
Thank you to all the voters! I've got my work cut out for me. Plenilune and Anon, Sir, Anon are both fantastic titles, I don't know which to choose!
In the meantime, how's everyone's writing going? I've not been around lately due to my feverish working on my Five Enchanted Roses entry...are any of you entering? Working on something else entirely? Let me know! I always love hearing about new up-and-coming books!