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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Blogger Awards--The Winner!

Well, I'm so sorry to post so late, but my internet was down and then I was at work, unable to write blog posts. Thankfully, the net's up and running now, and I'm able to announce the winner before the day is done!

You voted on and chose the top three contestants for the Best Title category, making it quite difficult for me to choose a winner!

But the choice had to be made--from my own The Moon Master's Ball, to Rachel Heffington's intense, but comical mystery, Anon, Sir, Anon and finally Jennifer Freitag's enchanting Plenilune....

*drum roll*
*trumpets sound*

And the winner is......

Congrats to Jennifer Freitag and her spellbinding title!
Thank you to all who participated--and a special thanks goes to Allison and Hannah, the two creators of the Blogger Awards.
I'm already excited for next year's party. Are you? Who knows, your book just might end up being on the list of best titles next go 'round!
(if you'd like to participate in next year's Blogger Awards, contact Allison Ruvidich at aruvidich@gmail.com)


  1. Yaaay! Sorry about your Wifi. I hope it's all better!

  2. Plenilune is such an awesome title...I can't wait to read that book!

  3. Plenilune such an intriguing title! I've begged my family to get me the book for Christmas, and I can't wait to read it!