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Sunday, December 21, 2014


It's not an unknown fact that one of the most popular novellas in Five Glass Slippers was A CINDER'S TALE by the ever amazing Stephanie Ricker. Her writing is so easy to read with enough sci-fi lingo to feel authentic, but not so much as to make your head spin. I was thrilled when I discovered that A Cinder's Tale was just the first in her short-story series, THE CENDRILLION CYCLE! And what's even more thrilling is that her newest novella, The Battle of Castle Nebula is officialy out!
Whovians and Trekkies, prepare to meet your newest fandom...

She has nothing left, not even her dreams. But Elsa Vogel still has her duty, and she will do it, no matter the peril, no matter the anguish in her heart as she leaves her ravaged home planet, perhaps never to return.

And the same tragedy that tore Elsa’s life to pieces also transformed the lives of others. Others who may need a reason to go on living, after the cataclysmic Battle of Castle Nebula…
I'm just thrilled beyond reason with this novella. Who wouldn't be? We get to reach into the past and watch as our beloved characters (Elsa, Karl, Bruno, and the rest) meet each other for the first time. And can I just mention that cover? Talk about epic!
I hope you'll pop on over to Amazon and purchase Stephanie Ricker's outstanding new creation!

Author Bio:
Stephanie Ricker is a writer, editor, and tree-climber. She adores the cold and the snow but lives in North Carolina anyway, where she enjoys archery, hiking, and exploring with friends.  
Stephanie’s first novella set in the Cendrillon universe, A Cinder’s Tale, was published in Five Glass Slippers, an anthology of Cinderella-themed stories. Stephanie’s fiction has also been published in Bull-Spec, a magazine of speculative fiction, and in four consecutive editions of The Lyricist, Campbell University’s annual literary magazine. Her senior thesis on Tolkien was published in the 2009 issue of Explorations: The Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity for the State of North Carolina.

Right. Now I'm off to read it myself!
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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Blogger Awards--The Winner!

Well, I'm so sorry to post so late, but my internet was down and then I was at work, unable to write blog posts. Thankfully, the net's up and running now, and I'm able to announce the winner before the day is done!

You voted on and chose the top three contestants for the Best Title category, making it quite difficult for me to choose a winner!

But the choice had to be made--from my own The Moon Master's Ball, to Rachel Heffington's intense, but comical mystery, Anon, Sir, Anon and finally Jennifer Freitag's enchanting Plenilune....

*drum roll*
*trumpets sound*

And the winner is......

Congrats to Jennifer Freitag and her spellbinding title!
Thank you to all who participated--and a special thanks goes to Allison and Hannah, the two creators of the Blogger Awards.
I'm already excited for next year's party. Are you? Who knows, your book just might end up being on the list of best titles next go 'round!
(if you'd like to participate in next year's Blogger Awards, contact Allison Ruvidich at aruvidich@gmail.com)