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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Writing Process Blog Tour

I was recently tagged by the amazing soon-to-be-author Heather Fitzgerald to participate in The Writing Process Blog Tour! 
See here to view an interview with Heather!
What am I working on right now?

It's a story called To Find a Castle, and is centered around a young girl who is invited to petition for a ladies maid position in the far-away kingdom of Guaire. Unable to refuse a queen’s wishes, she leaves, carrying the burden of dark warnings from an old friend with her. But whispers of rebellion and the sudden reappearance of a long-lost castle causes her to wonder if she was called to Guaire to merely become a ladies maid, or something else entirely…
( I'll be writing a post about this story soon!)
How does my work differ from others in its genre?
That is a question I have often asked myself, wanting to be certain that my plot was original enough and not just a rip-off of every other fantasy floating around in the book world. But what Anne Elisabeth Stengl has so often said is that you are what makes your story unique. There have been many stories with the same theme throughout the ages, but each story manages to be different, simply because of the author and their own ideas they bring to that same old story. Everyone has their own twist on a classic tale, and that is what makes my story -- or any other story -- different.
Why do I write what I do?

People live real lives that don't (usually) include sword fights, castles, dragons, fey folk, or enchanted forests, and it's just fun to escape from drab reality for a while and into a book. I absolutely love describing the fantastic, and attempting to create a whimsical world full of different characters with their own motives. Fantasy is just fun.
How does my writing process work?

What's a writing process? :P
My writing process begins when I get an idea, and when I get that idea, I scribble it down in my journal so as not to forget it.
(I once even attempted to draw a little house I had in mind for a story idea...it turned out rather hilarious. Drawing is not a strong point of mine!)
After writing the idea down, I usually set it aside and let it steep in my brain for a little while, and during that time I decide what setting I will give to this story. Whether it will take place in a snowy tundra or in a lush wood...that sort of thing. Then I decide on the characters and what sort of nationality they will have. Even though what I usually write is fantasy, I like to keep fairly normal sounding names. In The Moon Master's Ball, all of the names were British. In To Find a Castle, most of the names are Scottish -- excluding Roxanne Birtwhistle. I hope this gives a sense of a realistic feel to an otherwise unrealistic story. 
Then, after months and months of just sitting and thinking about the story, I start it. And delete it. And start it again until I find the perfect beginning. The body and conclusion just come as I write (I can't sound any more vague, can I?), and usually there's a lot more deleting along the way (And tea. There's always lots of tea...), and eventually, I'm finished. So there's not much to my writing process -- at least not yet -- I'm really not that experienced of a writer!
I hope y'all enjoyed reading a bit about my writing process...even if my answers were a bit vague! Now it's time for me to tag three more writers to participate in this blog tour! All you have to do is answer the same questions I did.
But don't let the fun just stop there! What about the rest of you?  How do your writerly brains work? I'd really love to know!


  1. Eek! So excited to hear more about your wonderful story! :D

    Thanks, Clara! :D

  2. It looks like it's going to be a wonderful story. Looking forward to reading more about it! :-D

  3. I really love the idea you have for your book! It sounds like it is going to be fantastic! I love fantasy though, so I am kind of partial to new ideas I hear.

  4. I am one of Heather's newest writing friends! So neat to meet you! Congratulations, also, in winning the Glass Slippers contest! I'm entering the Beauty and the Beast one this year. :-)

  5. Hey Clara! Thanks for the peek into your writing realm. Sorry to be so delayed in reading this post! Have been sick for awhile and both writing and reading have been rather hit or miss. I look forward to reading about your fantasy world when you are ready to unveil it!