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Monday, June 30, 2014

~A Heffington Post~

I wonder how Cinderella would wear her eye makeup? In books, writers don't often take time to describe what color eye-shadow their heroine is wearing -- at most they describe her dress and hair. But how would the beautiful and innocent Cinderella wear her eye makeup?  
A question for a pro, if you ask me. 
Thankfully, dear Slipper Sister Rachel Heffington happens to know a thing or two about makeup...
...and is willing to share a few of her cosmetic secrets with each of us today!
So assemble your brushes, lip glosses, and powders to prepare to transform yourself into Cinderella!
We all have those (very) occasional days when our hair behaves perfectly, we feel pretty, and we're on quite  good terms with everyone and everything. But sometimes we feel like the pre-fairy-godmother Cinderella and it's all we can do not to wish someone hadn't dropped her glass slipper last night and ruined it all. On these days, one of the best things a girl can do for herself is to dress the part of a capable, graceful woman. (The rest usually follows suit.) In that spirit, I have answered Clara's call for a Cinderella makeup style with a style any girl can perfect: a beautiful, bright-eyed, simple look worthy of any princess at a ball. Here, my lovelies, is the Unadorned Me:

I started with a palette of purples and blues by Rimmel London, which just looked Cinderella to me, rubbed a bit of primer on my eyelids so the makeup would stick better, and curled my eyelashes.

I took the lightest shade of blue and swiped it across my lid, paying special attention to the inner corners of my eyelid and fading it toward the outer edge. I took the second blue and worked it from the crease into the outer corner and a bit up into the middle. The silver, I swiped onto my brow bone. Which this was applied, I blent (yes, I claim that as a word) the colors together till they looked muddled in a beautiful way. Then it was time to deepen the drama by working a bit of the plum into the crease. I blent this and outlined the top and bottom of my eyes with it as well.
Cinderella's essence is the gentle, doe-eyed sort of beauty, I've always felt. (Though I paid little enough attention to this aspect in The Windy Side of Care) Thus, I decided on a kitten-eye with black liquid eyeliner. You don't have to use liquid liner, but I feel it helps keep a clean edge, which you want with this look. No smokey, smudgy eyes here, please! The difference between a kitten-eye and a cat-eye is that you don't extend the line far outside your natural eye-line. Instead, you just flick the end upward a bit in a playful manner. Next, I applied mascara liberally as I pleased until it looked pleasant to me. As an aside, I pencilled in my brows just a bit to create a uniform bit of glam. You know the routine.

I dabbed a bit of concealer under my eyes (essential for dark circles gained by scrubbing pots and pans after the midnight ball) and puffed on the tiniest bit of blush on my cheek-bones and across my nose with a puff on my forehead and chin. This technique gives the sweetest look of sunkissed-ness. Last but not least, I used a bit of Rimmel Stayglossy in a nude shade so that the eyes would be the focus of this gentle, girlish makeover.

A green dress and aqua shrug nodded to Disney's light blue Cinderella while keeping my look casual and modern while simple pearl earrings played up the innocence. And there you have it! A makeup look capable of charming the heart of any old prince. ;)


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  1. I like the simpler makeup looks, so this I find really pretty. (I should say I like the simpler ones on me, I can't seem to pull of the fun darker, or brighter ones that really stand out and pop, though I know other girls who can' and it looks smashing on them.) Anyways, very nice!

  2. UM. You should wear that look often. IT'S GORGEOUS, Rachel!! :)

    (Also... Hi Clara!) :D Nice blog you've got here!

    1. I AGREE, Julia! It is indeed a look Rachel should wear often. ;) And thanks!