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Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Is For Felines

It would seem that you can't be a fantasy author and not have cats. Nearly every book I read has a cat as at least a minor character in it, and practically all authors have a cat as a pet for "inspiration" and cuddles. Their felines sprawl adorably on the keyboards of their computers, and make for excellent character models and facebook posts.  
I don't have a cat. 
What's worse is that I've never even owned a cat. Is this a bad omen? I hope not.
The only hope I have is that I do like cats...does that mean that I have at least a shot at becoming a successful fantasy author?
Really, though, when you think about it there are always kitties in different shapes and forms throughout fantasy novels. I hope that one day can come up with some characters as memorable as these...even if I do have a cat deficiency.
Take the mysterious feline from The Little White Horse.


Zachariah is the prophetic kitty who helps the heroine by drawing different signs and shapes in the ash from the fire of the night before. He's an adorable character (don't let him hear me say that) and adds so much to the story!

~Patricia C. Wrede's Felines~

I can't pick out just one cat from the Enchanted Forest Chroicles! They're all too hilarious!
“Four of us,' said Morwen. The cats yowled. 'Yes, I know, and of course you're coming, but you can't carry a bucket of soapy water, so for the purposes of this discussion it doesn't matter,' she told them.
The cats gave her an affronted look, turned their backs, and began making indignant little noises at each other.”
Haha! I couldn't resist posting that quote.
And of course everyone knows of the great Cat -- The Bard of Goldstone Wood himself!

~Sir Eanrin of Rudiobus~

 Sir Eanrin has stolen the hearts of many fantasy readers, mine included. He's dashing, he's shape-shifting, he's confident but shy all the same. And most of all he's a hopeless romantic! (Don't let him hear me say that either!)
There are many more fantastic felines out there in the literary world, but these are just a few of my favorites. Tell me, did you recognize any of these kitties?
I'm going to try and write about a cat now...


  1. I was a fantasy author before my cat adopted us (would have named him Eanrin if I thought my family would understand), and so I never really put a cat into my writings before his arrival. But now that we do have a cat, felines seem to find their way into my stories. They're just so full of character.
    I don't think you need to own a cat to write about one, but it helps with inspiration.

    The only one from your list that I recognize is Eanrin.There really should be a shirt that says "Team Sir Eanrin." Not many would get it, but the awesome fans of Goldstone would.

    1. Lol! I love it that you said "my cat adopted us" instead of the other way round. I agree with the idea for "Team Sir Eanrin" shirts! Go Goldstone Wood Imps! :D

  2. My kitty's name is Peaches. She prefers Princess Peach. Like all self-respecting felines, she is sassy and likes eating grass and large bugs, although interestingly not small mammals. My favorite literary cat is definitely Eanrin. : )

    1. I take it you like Mario Kart? :P Princess Peach is an adorable name for a cat! There's no other cat like Eanrin.

  3. I am sadly catless as well...someday I hope to have a cat, and name her Winkie.

    1. Well, here's to us cat-less writers! And Winkie is an adorable name :)

  4. I don't write fantasy, but I am an author with a cat in my lap even as I write this . . . I can personally attest that cats are marvelous inspiration. Perhaps it is the purr? Or the diverse and fascinating characters? I recognized all of the cats you mentioned, Clara. :-) Have you met Throgmorton in Diana Wynne Jones's Christopher Chant books? He is one of my favorite fantasy cats. Someday I intend to name a cat after him--even if his name doesn't start with M! And I have a crush on Eanrin too. He is immortal, so he is older than I am, so it works. LOL

    1. I have not yet read any of the Christopher Chant books! There is such a long list of Diana Wynne Jones book I have yet to read! Throgmorton is such a good name. You could still call your cat Morton for short to keep the M tradition! LOL! Never let it be said that Eanrin doesn't have a bunch of fangirls after him... ;)

  5. Only a matter of time for you, it sounds like! I have a few cats but since I'm allergic, they don't come in very much :(