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Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring-ish, Happy Songs

I love music. I love its ability to pep up my afternoon by playing something happy, or its ability to slow my day down and make me thoughtful.

There are so many different genres in the music world that it reminds me very much of the book world. Songs tell stories, but just in a different way than books. I can say that music inspires me to either go do something, or to sit down and write. I'm sure it does the same for you all!

Usually its sweeping, simple, classical piano music that gets my brain working. But on happy spring days I prefer to listen to more "bouncy" songs. These songs usually don't have anything to do with inspiring me to write, but they're light and carefree. I thought I'd share a few of my current favorites with you all today!

My favorite pianist, Brian Crain, writes incredibly simple, beautiful music that isn't complex at all, but is nonetheless stunning. His music is easy to listen to turned down while I write (if it wasn't turned down I wouldn't be able to focus on anything but the song!), and depending on the song, makes me think of different time periods that might influence a story.

Probably my favorite of his many pieces is Song for Sienna. It's so wistful!

 Tyrone Wells is another great artist. And while I don't like all of his songs, I do love a few like, Happy as the Sun and Beautiful Girl, Beautiful World.

And my current favorite is Pocketful of Poetry by Mindy Gledhill. She writes such sweet lyrics and catchy tunes!

Here are a few more of her songs.

I Do Adore

All the Pennies

Circus Girl


What songs will you be listening to this spring/summer? Happy writing, everyone! 


  1. "Song for Sienna" sublime. That's the only word for it. Wow.
    Oh, have you ever listened to Enya? I think you might like her.

  2. Isn't it, though? I've listened to it time and time again, but can't get tired of it!

    I love Enya! She's so soothing. I'm finding that we have more and more in common!

  3. Thanks for introducing me to some new artists! I love Andrew Peterson for getting creative juices flowing. I enjoy writing to Film Scores on Pandora...they have a lot of emotion, like a sound track to what I'm writing :)

    1. Just listened to Andrew Peterson and I think he's a new favorite! Thanks for introducing him to me :)

  4. Hey! I just revisited this post because I didn't have a chance to listen before. We have similar taste in music it seems (and books, LOL). I'm off to iTunes to buy some of these songs! Here's a GREAT song that will probably speak to ALL of us fantasy lovers...it means much more to us, I think, than the average listener...just sayin' :) I heard it once and bought it and then had my musical daughter learn and sing it with her guitar playing friend. Hope you like it!

    1. Well, it appears you'll have to copy and paste the link. Guess I can't post directly in comments with a Youtube link. If it doesn't work, look up "Aslan" by Kendall Payne!

    2. I listened to it! You're right...we DO have similar tastes in books and music! "Aslan" does indeed speak to us fantasy lovers. It's a very simple, yet powerful song. Thanks for introducing it to me!